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Is there a way to capture a value out of a test.step() in Playwright?

When using the Playwright Test Runner, you have access to test steps, which can be used when reporting steps of certain tests. Here you can define a title to describe the step, and the body which is a function that runs whatever code you want to run during this step.

One nice feature with this is from the test step, you are able to return a value from the function.

import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';
import { faker } from "@faker-js/faker";

test('test', async ({ page }) => {
  const userName = await test.step('Sign up', async () => {
      const randomUsername =`Automation_${faker.name.lastName()}`;
      await signUpPage.signUpRandomUser(randomUsername); 
      return randomUsername;
  console.log(userName) //This would be the randomUsername that was set inside the test step.

In the above example I am able to randomly generate some data within a test step, and persist it to use later in my assertions, keepin my code DRY. A link to the playwright test.step() function is provided below.

Enjoy and Happy Testing!

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Playwright Test provides a test function to declare tests and expect function to write assertions.
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