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New ❤️ Button + Playwright 1.33 & 1.34 Release Video

This week I will be brief in the US we have Memorial Day as a holiday and I've been doing a lot of learning apart from Playwright. This week I created my first NodeJS server with 3 endpoints and a hosted MongoDB backend. I updated the Playwright template with some HTML, Javascript, and CSS which interact with the node server I spun up. All hosted on https://fly.io/ within a docker container.

This was all in support in rolling out my homemade like button, which is visible on every post page within the site.

Do it!

My new goal is to have 100,000 unique hearts over the next few years. Though through the front end you are able to give multiple hearts, I have a way to filter down to only unique hearts through the api.

Now onto some Playwright Goodness!

This week  Debbie(@debs_obrien) and Andrey(@aslushnikov) shared the Playwright v1.33+v1.34 update with us from the same room!

This week a lot of the Playwright team was onsite for MS Build, where the whole team joined together to answer everyones questions regarding the Playwright Project, feature requests, and it's future. There are ton of nuggets within the two sessions below.

Playwright Team Q&A

Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
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Playwright Team Q&A

Let's talk Playwright with the Playwright team

The conversations were great, with tons of great questions from the small team dedicated to this amazing tool. A few of my takeaways

  1. Cucumber is not officially supported but there are a lot of community packages to help you achieve your goals

2. If you see an issue file a bug (the team is super responsive and cares greatly about the quality of their product)

3. If you have an idea or interested in new feature discussion, check out

I only touched the tip of the iceberg within the videos and the content that was put out last week.  I do hope you find this content helpful. This week if you have any colleagues that are getting started with Playwright invite them to subscribe to Playwright Solutions!

Thanks for reading! If you found this helpful, reach out and let me know on LinkedIn or consider buying me a cup of coffee. If you want more content delivered to you in your inbox subscribe below.